Artists presented by NACC

We are delighted to announce the line-up for NACC's 2016-17 season monthly art exhibits, proudly sponsored by Northwestel.



Applications for artists wishing to exhibit during our next season will be accepted beginning in the spring/summer of 2017.  (Click here to access our Art Exhibitor Form)

All artwork must be able to withstand the constant moving in and out of storage.  All forms of artwork are accepted (paintings, prints, sculptures, etc.)  In addition to our online application form, please submit three examples of your work in .JPEG format, along with a photo of yourself and an artist bio and statement. All artists have the option to sell their artwork; sales are handled through NACC Box Office.

If you have any further questions please contact Dana Bowen: (867-766-6101,



Selling Artwork

All artwork on display is available for purchase through the NACC Box Office for the duration of the exhibit. NACC will take 30% of the revenue from any artwork sales --  sold pieces remain on display until the end of the month, after which time they are available for the buyer to collect.

NACC's 2015-16 Season Exhibiting Artists

Shawna Lampi-Legaree - APRIL

Shawna Lampi-Legaree mainly paints, but her first foray into the creative world was through art quilts, which have been juried and displayed nationally and internationally. One of her acrylic painting was juried into and displayed at Vancouver’s Federation of Canadian Artist.


Lisa Marie Mitchell - SEPTEMBER

Inspired by the Beaufort-Delta, Lisa Marie Mitchell creates traditional acrylic paintings with modern slogans to promote positive messages. Her imagery: moccasins, tipis, mukluks, igloos, ravens and trees, but with a unique twist!

Renée Thomas - OCTOBER

Renée Thomas grew up surrounded by her grandmother’s art, where she was taught arts and crafts from a young age.

Now she is exhibiting her art for the first time. She is looking to getting her name out in the community and saw this as a great opportunity to do so.


Sarah Bradfield - NOVEMBER

As a Yellowknifer for three years and a Northerner for six, most of my art is inspired by Northern landscapes.

In the past, I have focused on pencil portraits, illustration and logo design, however most recently I feel most comfortable when painting big and most of my pieces are exterior murals on building facades in Yellowknife and Fort Simpson, NT.  When it comes to painting, especially for public...

Nicole Loubert - DECEMBER

Working out of her home studio, Nicole Loubert teaches painting for all ages and has been doing so for five years. She began selling her own work last year and has showcased her work at festivals throughout the territory.


Marc Lacharité - MARCH

A self-taught painter, Marc Lacharité describes his work as, “A mixture of colourful abstract painting and naive rendition of reality.” Outside Yellowknife, his paintings have been shown in various exhibits across Québec.

Cody Punter - JANUARY

Cody Punter has been a practising art since he was a teenager. He has spent some time in Paris, where he tried making a living by selling his paintings on the streets. Since then he has dabbled in several mediums, most recently photography. His first photography exhibition in Yellowknife was last year and he has since been awarded an NWT Arts Council grant. 


Amélie Duval - FEBRUARY

With a fine arts bachelor’s degree at Bishop University, Amélie Duval returned to the NWT. Through collage and acrylic paints, Duval’s work shos a spiritual relationship between humans and wildlife and the perseverance of natural phenomena in urbanity.


Emily Roback - JUNE

Her experiences overcoming severe to profound hearing loss and leaving familiar things behind inform many of her inspirational stories. Emily Roback has published an award-winning non-fiction book, a magazine and aired a sport performance program on television for adults and young people. 


Terry Pamplin - MAY

Bright, colourful, full of humour and hidden messages, Terry Pamplin’s work has been widely exhibited throughout Canada and the North. His clever Take Back the Cat graces the cover of the 2016-2017 NorthwesTel phone directory.