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  • June 1
    June 1

    Engrave a NACC Seat Plate

    Our new theatre seats are being adorned with custom engraved seat plates ($150 each). Plates can be engraved with a name, a business or a personal message. We recommend a maximum of thirty characters per plate for best results....

  • September 9
    September 9

    Susan Aglukark

    An Inuk from Arviat, Nunavut, Susan Aglukark has been walking between two worlds. Her story is an important one to recall on Canada’s 150th anniversary.
    She was a rare and exotic presence in the mainstream music world – an Inuk woman, a modern woman, a strong...
  • September 14
    September 14

    Chant’Ouest 2017

    Up and coming Western Canada songwriter contest, Chant’Ouest is an annual event in Western Canada. First time in the Northwest territories, the Yellowknife French cultural association (AFCY) is proud to produce the 28th edition and to present to the community 4 up and coming Western...
  • September 18
    September 18
    • September 19
      7:30 pm
      • Norman Wells
    • September 21
      7:30 pm
      • Inuvik
    • September 23
      7:30 pm
      • Yellowknife
    • September 25
      7:30 pm
      • Fort Simpson
    • September 27
      7:30 pm
      • Hay River

    Café Daughter

    Yvette Wong is a girl of mixed heritage growing up in Saskatchewan in the 1950s. Her father is Chinese and he runs a small-town café. Her mother is Cree. When Yvette is 10, her mother extracts a promise from her: that she never tell anyone she is Cree. Yvette holds this secret close...
  • October 10
    October 10
    • October 12
      7:30 pm
      • Fort Simpson
    • October 15
      7:30 pm
      • Fort Smith
    • October 18
      7:30 pm
      • Norman Wells
    • October 16
      7:30 pm
      • Inuvik

    Ko K’e Music and Spoken Word Festival hits the communities

    The Ko K’e Spoken Word Festival is a celebration of Northern culture. It also marks 150 years of colonialism in Canada including Indigenous, English and French perspectives. Participants use a variety of storytelling techniques to share the story of the North including music and poetry...

  • October 14
    October 14

    Ko K'e Music and Spoken Word Festival with The Tale of a Town

    Festival schedule:

    Kiera Kolson
    Oct 14 | 3 pm
    Batiste Foisy
  • November 14
    November 14
    • November 15
      8:00 pm
      • Tuktoyaktuk
    • November 15
      7:30 pm
      • Fort Smith
    • November 17
      7:30 pm
      • Yellowknife





    Norman Wells
    Dennis Drolet 
  • December 9
    December 9

    National Arts Centre Orchestra

    The world-class National Arts Centre Orchestra and music director Alexander Shelley are bringing their Canada 150 Tour north! Join Shelley, eight musicians from the National Arts Centre Orchestra, and some special guests for a unique, intimate concert of chamber music....