Sarah Bradfield - NOVEMBER

As a Yellowknifer for three years and a Northerner for six, most of my art is inspired by Northern landscapes.

In the past, I have focused on pencil portraits, illustration and logo design, however most recently I feel most comfortable when painting big and most of my pieces are exterior murals on building facades in Yellowknife and Fort Simpson, NT.  When it comes to painting, especially for public display, I believe that bigger is always better.

 My largest murals to date were 400 square feet on the exterior of Mildred Hall School in Yellowknife, and another one at just under 700 square feet on the hangar doors of Simpson Air in Fort Simpson, NT.

I work in Communications at Yellowknife Education District No.1 and have a B.Ed in Fine Arts, a B.A in English and Communications Studies and Minor B.A degree in Fine Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo