Women's Words / Yenene Yati / Arnat Oqausiit

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February 17
7:30 p.m.
  • Yellowknife

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This Yenene Yati/Arnat Oqausiit project is a NACC production that promises to tell a unique story not often heard in Canadian media. Its title means “women’s words” in North Slavey and Siglit Inuvialuktun, and as such promises to tell a story of Indigenous women, written and performed by themselves, with the guidance of talented Indigenous women.

By the time they take the stage, they will have spent 10 days writing a play at Blachford Lake Lodge, and another 10 rehearsing to provide a perspective you won’t likely find anywhere else. This will also be presented at the Imago Theatre in Montreal and Native Earth Performing Arts in Toronto.