Coat Racks ($10 per day)
  • Our coat racks are portable & on wheels. Each coat rack can hold approximately 20 coats.
Wenger FlipForms ($30 per day)
  • Seated, standing, platform – FlipForms flip into whatever shape you need, and they go wherever you need them. The pocket-molded hand grips, easy-moving recessed wheels, and lightweight design make it easy to flip them up or roll them away.
  • Usage: Flexible classroom seating, standing riser, and performance platform all in one unit.
Wenger Musician Chairs ($10 per day)
  • Healthier Musicians – Enhanced posture design encourages proper alignment in a variety of seated positions.
  • Facilitates Improved Performance – Proper alignment in multiple seating positions enables a greater focus on technique.
  • Better Protection of Musical Instruments
  • Usage: Professional or higher-education environments that require extended practice and performance sessions.