Volunteering at NACC

Would you like to:

  • play an important part in the arts scene in YK?
  • meet lots of awesome new people?
  • give back to the community in a creative and fun environment?
  • receive comm hours?
  • eat yummy treats?

As a not-for-profit, the NACC relies heavily on the support and volunteer hours of our community members. We have a large base of approximately 100 volunteers and require at least six volunteers per event to receive tickets, usher patrons to their seats, run our concession, and provide excellent service to our guests. We are very appreciative of the support that we receive. In return, we encourage our volunteers to stay and enjoy the show once their volunteer duties are completed.

We host a volunteer orientation for all newcomers in the fall. 

We will cover the roles of ushering, taking tickets, running the box office, staffing concession, and other fun tasks! There will be lots of pizza and snacks to fill your bellies! 

To volunteer at NACC, you can simply fill out the volunteer sign-up form. For more information, please call the NACC at (867) 766-6101 or email us at volunteers@naccnt.ca.

Current volunteers can sign up for events here.

Sign Up!


Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for offering your valuable time to the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  Contributions like yours are the key to ensuring the success of our theatre and of every performance.


The NACC team


The mandate of NACC is to encourage the development of performing arts from all cultural traditions and provide a venue in the Northwest Territories (NWT) for community and professional performances.

We accomplish this by:

  • Managing and operating this theatre to provide a venue for performances and developmental workshops;
  • Holding leases, licenses, and contracts in connection with the operation of the facility;
  • Engaging in activities to further the development of cultural activities, the performing arts, and facilities in the NWT

NACC’s humble roots date back to the 1980s; it has since grown into a 297 seat facility, making it the only fully-equipped live performance venue in the NWT.  The team that makes the magic happen includes our Board of Directors with five full-time staff (Executive and Artistic Director, Technical Director, Box Office and Admin Assistant, Manager of Communications and Box Office, Manager of Finance and Admin), part-time staff (Volunteer Coordinator and Event Captains), partner organizations, charitable donors, and you… the volunteer!

For over 39 years, NACC has provided a venue and support for hundreds of northern, national, and international performing artists.  Many guest performers have also given workshops or performances to NWT schools and/or community members.

NACC is proud to host the artists that grace our stage and to provide a venue where northern residents can enjoy the performing arts.


3a –Volunteer Perks

  • Contribution and support of the community, performers, and the staff at NACC
  • FREE pop, juice, chips, and/or cookie while working your shift
  • Training and on-the-job experience in the areas of Front of House, Ticket Processing, Concession and Ushering
  • An opportunity to see NACC and community performances 
  • A great place to meet people from the community
  • Being part of a dynamic and fun team
  • And… an invitation to the best darn parties this side of the 60th!

3b – Training

In order to enjoy your experience working with us, we ask that our new volunteers attend an orientation/workshop session outlining the duties and equipment required for each volunteer position.  These will take place at the beginning of the season and again halfway through the season.

3c – Shifts

As a new volunteer, it is important to gain confidence and familiarity with your duties and how NACC operates during a performance.  We request a minimum of three shifts in your first two months and a total of 25 hours for the entire season.  If you would like to volunteer more than the minimum hours, we would gratefully accept the donation of your valuable time.

A shift starts 60 minutes prior to showtime.  The team is dependent on you being on time; if you are going to be late, please call us at 766-6101.

3d – Customer Service

One of NACC’s most important goals is to make our patrons feel welcome, appreciated, and interested in attending future shows… and it’s up to our front-end staff and volunteers to ensure we achieve that goal.  The good news: it’s not hard, just be your beautiful self!  Be polite and friendly, greet pleasantly, use eye contact, smile, listen, and be proactive when problem-solving.  Thank our customers for their business and ask them to come back again.  NACC is our home, and our patrons are our valued guests – treat them accordingly!

3e – Clothing & Fragrances

We ask that you wear semi-casual clothing (no ripped jeans, sweats, or shorts).  You are also asked to wear a volunteer name tag provided on arrival.  Clothing should be clean, pressed, and neat.  Please note that NACC is a fragrance free working environment.


A full checklist of duties for each volunteer role is posted on our bulletin board for reference.

4a – Lobby Set-Up & Tear-Down

All volunteers are asked to take part in setting up the lobby prior to show time and cleaning up at the end of the evening.

Upon arrival, tables and chairs must be moved and decorated, the monthly art display must be rolled out, music set-up and foyer lights turned on, and the stair lights.

4b – Ticket Scanning

Tickets are scanned using a scanning divide that can read official NACC tickets, printed purchase receipts, and digital tickets on mobile device screens.  The scanner accepts both barcodes and QR codes and keeps a running tally of the number of tickets processed.  We have two scanners and two chargers; it is important to make sure the scanners go back on their chargers at the end of the evening.

4c – Concession & Alcohol Sales

NACC’s Candle Ice Café sells white and red wine, light/dark/amber ales and cider, Keurig hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) as well as pop and juice. Cream, milk, and sugar are also available, as well as an assortment of snacks (chips, chocolate bars, and baked goods).

All concession volunteers must be aged 19+ and complete the NACC concession orientation with the Front of House Manager.  Also, the following alcohol service guidelines must be adhered to: *Anyone handling alcohol must have their Safe Serve Certification.*

  • Liquor license boundary signs must be displayed in the lobby
  • Menu prices must be clearly visible to our patrons
  • All patrons that look to be 25 or under must be checked for ID
  • Concession volunteers are the only people permitted to handle alcohol
  • Only OPEN liquor can be served – bottle caps must be removed, and wine must be served in the glasses provided
  • Maximum TWO drinks per customer at a time

Additional alcohol safety information can be found in the volunteer binder. 

Two concession attendants will work before the show and during intermission. The concession will also delegate a person to make sure water jugs are refilled and water glasses are stocked or taken for washing.  Make sure to put all items away and clean the concession area so that it is left better than you found it!

4d – Ushering

There are two usher stations on either side of the theatre, each with its own comfy padded stool.  Ushers are responsible for welcoming our patrons, handing out programs, and helping people locate their seats.  They remain at their posts for the duration of the show to ensure that the rules and regulations of the theatre are respected and that proper etiquette is followed so that everyone can enjoy the performance without disruption.

The following are prohibited inside the theatre:

  • Eating, drinking (unless it is in an approved NACC cup), and chewing gum
  • Use of cell phones (talking or texting)
  • Use of cameras or other recording devices
  • Playing video games (Gameboy, Nintendo-DS)
  • Talking during the performance
  • Bringing an infant/child that is too young to appreciate the production
  • Wearing heavy amounts of cologne or perfume
  • Sitting in the aisle

Latecomers or anyone exiting/re-entering the theatre will be asked to wait for a suitable break in the performance before taking their seats to minimize disruption to other patrons.  This especially applies to those seated in the middle of an aisle.  Alternatively, patrons can be led to the closest available seat while waiting.


There are four open carpet spaces for wheelchairs at the front of the theatre.  If a patron prefers to sit in a chair, we have three designated seats with adjustable arms (A1, B5, and B6), allowing those with mobility difficulties to easily seat themselves.  

Age Requirement/Young Children

For all NACC performances, every guest requires a ticket, regardless of age.  As a courtesy to our patrons, children under the age of 3 are not encouraged at most NACC events (excluding family shows).  Some shows make further age-appropriate recommendations, which we provide on the NACC website; however, parental discretion is always advised, and judgment of the content for each show should be made on an individual basis prior to purchase.

Theatre Capacity

Our fire code specifies our maximum capacity as 301 persons (297 theatre seats + 4 wheelchair spaces).  This number cannot be exceeded for any reason.  Infants and children may be seated on their parent’s laps but must have a valid ticket for an assigned seat of their own.

4e – Box Office Ticket Sales

Our box office attendant is responsible for selling tickets through our ticketing system (TheatreManager), processing payments (cash/credit/debit), as well as giving out Will Call tickets to customers that have pre-booked.  Please let us know if you are interested in learning how to use TheatreManager.  We will schedule a training session prior to an event where you will shadow another box office attendant and learn the basics.  We then ask that you work at least two shows shortly thereafter to ensure that you retain what you’ve learned.

Ticket Pricing Groups

  • Adult                19-64
  • Senior              65+
  • Youth               4-18
  • Child                3 & under

Refund Policy

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre does not issue ticket refunds for any reason.

Power Outage/Internet Failure Procedure for Selling Tickets

  • Use coupons as tickets
  • Sell tickets by cash only and ask patrons to use the debit machine in the lobby.
  • Write down your sales totals on a slip of paper (include ticket types and price)
  • For reserved seating events, hold the customers buying at the door until show start time and then allow them to seat themselves in the theatre at random.  Inform latecomers that pre-purchased their seats that the show is now by general admission, and they must seat themselves where seats are available due to technical failure.  If any patrons are severely irritated, let them know that the communications manager will be in contact with them at a later date and use your own discretion to determine what needs to be done.

4f – Merchandise Table

From time to time, NACC will have a merchandise table set up that will be run by volunteers or rental groups.


5a –Volunteer Bulletin Board & Binder

The bulletin board is located in the concession area on the wall closest to the door.  It will have information on the performance, upcoming events, task lists for each volunteer position, emergency procedure info, and more!  Please check upon arrival for your shift. 

The volunteer binder is located below the bulletin board and contains volunteer sign-up sheets for each show.  Please remember to sign out at the end of your shift, as this helps us track the number of hours that our volunteers have worked.

5b – Name tags, Flashlights, Cash

These Front of House items can be obtained from your Captain upon arrival and need to be returned at the end of your shift.

5c –Assisted Listening Devices

For hearing-impaired patrons, we have Phonic Ear headphones and other devices that facilitate a more enjoyable experience of the performance.  These can be signed out from the box office window on the night of the performance.  It is important for staff to ensure these devices are always charged and available.

5d – Monthly Art Exhibits

Every month, NACC showcases the work of a different local artist with an exhibit on display in the lobby during our presentations.  The artist profile and examples of their work are visible on the home page of NACC’s website – there is also a link to the entire list of exhibiting artists for the season.

Artwork is available for purchase from the box office, with the majority of the proceeds going to the exhibiting artist.  Our staff can process the payment immediately or take the buyer’s info to contact them later during business hours.  Artwork is available for the patron to pick up at the end of the month when the exhibit time is over.  Box office staff are responsible for placing a “SOLD” sign on any pieces that are purchased.

5e – Pre-Show

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre showcases local performers in the lobby one hour before NACC presentations.  During this time, patrons are welcome to sit and socialize while enjoying a beverage or a light snack with friends.  This is a great opportunity for folks to mingle before a show and enjoy the ambiance of our beautiful atrium.  Event captains and concession volunteers need to arrive 1 hour before showtime to accommodate the pre-shows.
*Pre-show events are canceled until further notice. At this time patrons are not encouraged to sit and mingle in the lobby. 

5f – Website and Volunteer Communication Tools

The NACC website allows our patrons to buy tickets and select their seats online.  However, certain computers have firewalls that block seat selection – in this case, patrons need to book by phone or in person.

We also have Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as a weekly e-mail newsletter announcing promotions (coupons) and upcoming events.  Patrons can sign-up for our newsletter on the homepage of our website.

Our website also includes a volunteer page with general information, news updates, and a link to our volunteer sign-up form.  The primary communication tool between NACC staff and volunteers is our e-mail newsletter — it is important to sign-up to receive information about event dates and the shift positions available (naccvolunteer@hotmail.com). 


6a – Emergency Exit Locations

From theatre…

  • Primary exit: use the staircases at the left and right sides of row “J” (mid-theatre) to access the foyer area and return to the lobby
  • Alternate exit: use the door to the left of stage at the front of the theatre, exiting to the school hallway which connects to the lobby

From the lobby…

  • Primary exit: front doors near the Box Office window
  • Alternate exit: main school entrance, down the hallway past the kitchen

6b – In the event of a fire…

  • Instruct persons in the immediate area to leave the building immediately
  • Offer help to patrons with mobility issues or anyone else in need of assistance
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station
  • Once the fire alarm is activated, the Event Captain must call the Fire Department at 837-2222 or 911
  • Ensure that once an area is evacuated, doors are closed to contain fire and smoke
  • Continue assisting patrons to the primary exit
  • Our meeting point is in the parking lot 20 meters from the building
  • Do not return to the building without approval from the Fire Department

As a NACC volunteer, your first priority should be the safety and security of our patrons.  Please familiarize yourself with the locations of alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits.

6c – In the event of a medical emergency…

  • Alert the Event Captain or Technical Director (several NACC staff members have emergency first aid training and CPR/AED certification)
  • Call for an ambulance at 873-2222 or 911, give your name, explain the situation and offer directions to NACC (address is posted on the bulletin board)
  • Assist with administering emergency first aid if you have up-to-date certification

There are two first aid kits mounted on the wall in the concession area.  The building is NOT equipped with an AED defibrillator.


If you have any questions about volunteering at NACC, please let us know!

Box Office

867-766-6101                         boxoffice@naccnt.ca

Emily Smits  (Manager of Communications & Graphic Design)

867-873-4950 ext. 4              communications@naccnt.ca

Volunteer Info

867-766-6101                         volunteers@naccnt.ca