The mandate of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre is…

to encourage the development of the performing arts from all cultural traditions, and to provide a venue in the Northwest Territories for both professionally produced and community produced performances.

The Objectives of the Society (Board Members and staff) include

  • to manage and operate facilities in the NWT for community and professionally produced performances, including any type of musical and theatrical performances;
  • to hold leases, licenses, and contracts in connection with the operation of such facilities;
  • to engage in other activities which may, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, further the development of cultural activities and facilities in the NWT.

​The Artistic Vision of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre is to

  • provide a safe, supportive venue for professional and amateur performing artists;
  • support the development of dance, theatre, music, and storytelling through professional and amateur production;
  • provide supporting performing arts workshops, mentorships, and intensive development sessions;
  • support all cultural expressions presented through the performing arts;
  • provide a bridge to information and resources in support of the performing arts and their development in remote communities in the NWT.