NACC is the largest and most modern performing arts venue in the Northwest Territories, with 297 seats and an additional 4 accessible seating spots. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and comfortable, with vibrant new red theatre seating, a foyer featuring Northern artists, and a concession with local brew from NWT Brewing Company. The venue hosts intimate performances, with the furthest seat being only 35 feet from the stage.

Our backstage area is home to two dressing rooms, both with bathroom and shower facilities, and a renovated loading dock with ample storage space.

Please note that the rental of the venue is subject to availability. For all rental inquiries, or questions, please email Emily Mercredi at

Rental Rates 

Educational (schools) 

Load In/Tech Setup –  $ 200.00/day
Performance            –  $ 400.00/day

Community Performing Arts Artists/Groups  (Theatre/Music Dance/Storytelling)

Load In/Tech Setup –  $ 200.00/day
Performance            –  $ 800.00/day

Non Commercial Groups (Associations, Congregations, Special  Interests, Festivals)

Load In/Tech Setup –  $ 200.00/day
Performance            –  $ 1,000.00/day

Commercial Groups (Conferences, Independent Producers, Businesses)

Load In/Tech Setup –  $ 500.00/day
Performance            –  $ 1,500.00/day

Instruments available:

1 Grand Piano
1 Stand-up bass
1 Cello

Associated charges

1. If the dressing rooms, lobby, and stage areas need to be cleaned over and above regular use then $200/hour for cleaning services will be charged for labor, supplies, and administration.

2. If the stage needs to be repainted to the original black, then $200.00 will be charged for labor, supplies, administration, and paint.

3. If you need a table in the lobby to serve food, NACC will charge you an extra fee of $100.00 for each table per day.

4. If you need a catering service, the order must be done through the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre. The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre will retain 10% of the admin fee.

5. If you need a large projector for screening and/or conferences, a fee of $140.00 plus GST will be applied.

6.If the piano needs to be tuned for a renter, an additional fee will be charged for labor and administration each time the piano is tuned during the rental period.


Singular Concert Tuning(Pitch raise + tuning) –  $210.00 
Series Concert Tuning (Pitch raise + daily tuning)      –  $210.00 + $125.00/performance
Full Concert Tuning (Pitch raise + tuning before warm-up + tuning and adjusting as requested, after the warm-up + tweaking at intermission) –  290.00 + 175.00/additional performance

For all bookings please call  (867) 873-4950 

Concession and Front of House

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre will provide a Front of House Supervisor to oversee all volunteers working each performance. The Front of House volunteer positions include: box office, concession, ticket scanners, and ushers. All rental groups are required to provide four individuals for front of house duties for each performance/presentation.

Technical Support

The Technical Director will discuss technical requirements with all user groups, and recommend staffing levels to provide appropriate service and safety. Any other staffing costs are the sole responsibility of the rental group. The rental group must communicate their technical requirements and provide a detailed production schedule at least 2 weeks prior to the event, in order to determine the appropriate requirements.

The hours of operation for the theatre are 9:00AM to 12:00AM (midnight). The maximum daily call for the NACC technical director is 10 hours for technical setup, and 5 hours for performance dates. Special arrangements may be negotiated if a technical setup occurs on the date of the performance.


The Renter is required to obtain an event liability insurance policy providing coverage of up to $2,000,000 (two million dollars) for the Renter’s use of the theatre. The Renter shall provide a copy of the policy to NACC at least one (1) week before the Renter accesses the theatre.

Box Office Services

All renter groups are required to use the NACC Box Office system. There is a charge of $4.00 per ticket sold.

The NACC website hosts online Box Office services for all performances. The Box Office is open Tuesday through Friday, from 12:30PM to 4:30PM, or an hour prior to any event. The box office can be accessed outside of these hours by contacting Kacie Hall ( and arranging for an alternate time. The box office can also be reached via (867)766-6101, or through the ticketing site.

Further information regarding our box office can be found here.