Season In Review: Skye Consort & Emma Björling

Posted on
NACC, as always, punches above its weight. Kate Hearn Skye Consort and Emma Björling were a Celtic treat that mesmerized audiences across the North. Their passion for their music was…

Season in Review: Trio Mediaeval

Posted on
Amazing show. Amazing talent. I had never before heard anything like it. It was awe-inspiring. Robert Eno Trio Mediaeval is a Grammy-nominated trio, and it’s easy to see why. Their…

Season in Review: Pawâkan Macbeth

Posted on
Pawâkan Macbeth was probably my favourite NACC performance ever. Smartly written, beautifully staged, and at times hilariously performed. Samantha TIDD Akpik Theatre was scheduled to perform Pawâkan Macbeth on the…

Season in Review: PIQSIQ

Posted on
I was amazed at how PIQSIQ was able to fill the room with sound…stunning. Anne-Marie Jennings The 2023/2024 season started off strong with this next-level performance from PIQSIQ. This sister…

June 21 Newsletter

Posted on
See ya in the fall! The NACC office will be closed from June 21st to July 23rd. Read more here:

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