“NACC is a place where we can laugh and sincerely appreciate the people who perform, providing us with memories that will last a lifetime.”

Paul MacDonald

NACC’s history with Golden Seat Plates goes all the way back to the early 1980s. They were originally sold as part of a national fundraising campaign, organized by the Globe and Mail newspaper. These original plates remained adorned on the seats’ arm rests until 2013, when the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre underwent its first major renovation.
These Golden Seat Plates are a way for us to remember the experiences had in the theatre. Before they’re all sold, we’d like to reflect back on some of the stories these plates are honouring…

Paul MacDonald worked at the Yellowknife School District 1 for 30 years as an educator before retiring and moving south with his wife, Wendy. Throughout his time in the North, he did a number of shows with local performance companies, like Ptarmigan Ptheatrics, and school drama shows on the NACC stage. Read more about Paul’s time in Yellowknife, and why a Golden Seat Plate was the perfect retirement gift for him.

“NACC is a very special place in so many ways. First of all, it is a place where people come together, from across Yellowknife and the NWT, to celebrate the talent and cultures of those who perform. It is also a place where we get to see many invited guests and performers from across Canada. NACC is a place where we can laugh and sincerely appreciate the people who perform, providing us with memories that will last a lifetime.

NACC is a very magical place to me as I got to be involved in many community productions over 22 years. I met so many wonderful and talented people and had the chance to play some interesting characters. I sincerely appreciate all the people who are involved and make a production come alive at NACC. I also felt close to NACC as I worked at Sir John Franklin where NACC is located. I was also fortunate enough to be involved in some Sir John Franklin High School drama productions with the students and witnessed their dedication and hard work to make a production come to life at NACC. Some of my colleagues from Sir John Franklin High School presented me with the ultimate gift that I will cherish forever – a nameplate on one of the seats at NACC.  This gift meant the world to me as NACC was a very important part of my life in the north for so many years. I would like to sincerely thank the NACC board and the NACC employees for all they do to make NACC such a viable and important place for the community of Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.”

Paul MacDonald

Engrave a seat plate and leave a legacy for generations to come in the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.

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