Artist of the Month at NACC

Artist Story

From childhood into young adulthood, I was taught to observe and draw what I saw; objects , portraits, and landscapes under the tutelage of  my architect, engineer, and artist dad. At Arts College and University I discovered graphic design,sculpting,printmaking and painting. I fell in love with painting at University and have never looked back. My first painting medium was acrylic, then oils and currently I work with watercolours.When I came North in the eighties I was enamored of its geographic beauty, sparkling clean lakes and ever changing skies. Fulfilling a dream as an emerging artist with the help of NWT Arts Council over the past three years I have been preparing landscape artwork for a solo show.
I create some of my art Au Plein Air ( sketching and painting out of doors on site) and more recently I have been photographing my art in the wilderness and then sketching and painting  in my studio-camper or in winter at my studio at home. Recently, through a workshop with Yellowknife Watercolor Society,  I discovered a technique known as “Pouring”. With it I can create unusual washes of glazed colours only using the primary colours. It truly lends itself to skies and water in landscape paintings.  I like to experiment and try new approaches to reflect my Northern home in hopes of enticing others to visit and enjoy its stunning beauty both in Winter and Summer; therefore I do have original artwork and  prints available on my website.

Recently Natalie Makletzoff travelled to Peterson Point Lake Lodge to take in the beautiful Fall Colours, while taking a photography course on site. The current exhibition at NACC are some of the pieces painted upon her return to her art studio, at her home and at the studio she has every summer out at Reid Lake.

Natalie’s work will be display and for sale at NACC for the month of October 2023.

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