Artist of the Month at NACC

Artist Story

Diana Rogers is a painter and illustrator based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Diana graduated from Durham College (Oshawa, ON) with a Foundations in Art and Design certificate, focusing on a mix of fine arts, graphic design, and creative theory courses. She completed her foundation year at NSCAD University (Halifax, NS) in Fine Arts before ultimately embarking on a course of self-study in painting and drawing.

Working from photographs of household items, her work allows her to explore these items in great detail. Flowers, candy, soda cans, and beer cans are particularly interesting for this artist who enjoys slowly rendering acrylic paintings and graphite drawings. 

Diana has displayed her work in group exhibitions, art markets, and has relished the challenge of live painting during art fairs.  Diana’s work has been shown in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories.

Recently Natalie Makletzoff travelled to Peterson Point Lake Lodge to take in the beautiful Fall Colours, while taking a photography course on site. The current exhibition at NACC are some of the pieces painted upon her return to her art studio, at her home and at the studio she has every summer out at Reid Lake.

Diana’s work will be display and for sale at NACC for the month of October 2023.

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