Artist of the Month at NACC

Photo of Beth by Steve Schwarz Photography

Artist Story

Beth Cowan lives in Yellowknife. Over the years — through school and the influence of her family — Beth became a self-taught artist, focusing on drawing natural elements in her surroundings. She began wood-burning in 2021 and started selling her artwork publicly the same year. She has taught classes at the Guild of Arts and Crafts in Yellowknife and has learned a lot from students in the process.  She appreciates the recognition and encouragement from community members, which inspires her to keep making art in her own unique ways.

Recently Natalie Makletzoff travelled to Peterson Point Lake Lodge to take in the beautiful Fall Colours, while taking a photography course on site. The current exhibition at NACC are some of the pieces painted upon her return to her art studio, at her home and at the studio she has every summer out at Reid Lake.

Beth’s work will be display and for sale at NACC for the month of November 2023.

In Partnership with NWT Arts ~ Click their logo below to view Beth Cowan’s profile